RaviGami’s Weekly Updates 6/4/2019

Hello everyone,


This week is another hectic week for me, so not many things are planned to be done. I know that each week I say that I will release the shop, but I plan to actually release it this week. I’m still having trouble with the PayPal links, but I have a solution to fix that. The content in each page is minimal, and I’m not quite happy with the content and look of the site itself. The revamp will start next week, depending on how much time I have. I plan to have a new theme for the site itself, last time I changed it, I had to rewrite the home page.

Known Issues:

These have been reported, or I’ve found through testing. I’m working on ways to fix this as soon possible.

– PayPal links disappearing.

–  Search bar not appearing after searching for a keyword.

– Contact page isn’t actually registering that it was sent. In other words, it isn’t showing up in my email that someone attempted to contact me.

– The gallery photos don’t show up. It simply says gallery at the top, with a blank page.

Planned Changes:

– To be determined in the near future…


A pair of my earrings.


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