5 YouTube Tutorials That I Like

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Hello everyone!

Today, I’m talking about my 5 recommended YouTube tutorials. Make sure to check out some of their other videos for more fun models.

– Origami Hydrangea Box

This is a very difficult model to fold, but pays off. I’ve only folded it once, and found many steps quite tedious, but very much worth it.

– Origami Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is somewhat simple, but is still not a model for anyone who is just beginning origami. It is delightful to make this model, and if you make it at a reasonable size, you can use it as a Christmas tree ornament.

– Origami Hedgehog

The Hedgehog is a model that requires a lot of focus and time. A tip about folding this model is watch the for each step then fold, then watch the next step, then fold, and so on. The hedgehog is definitely not for beginners, but is quite fun for those who can fold it.

– Origami Box


This is definitely a model for any beginner. This was the fifth model I ever folded. The box itself is quite capable of holding things, and can have a lid if you wish, but is not required, If you wish to add a lid, you have to fold the same exact box, but have a bit bigger paper.

– Origami Frog

The origami frog is a fun model, and is a model for more people. I actually folded this one at the International Origami Convention, so I can confirm that it is quite a fun model to fold.


I hope this has helped you all quite a bit, and will motivate everyone to start or continue folding.

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