My 5 Favorite Origami Books

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Greetings everyone,


In today’s blog, I’m discussing my 5 favorite origami books.

1. Origami Sequence.

Origami Sequence is a book full of enticing models, ranging from a bald eagle, to a teddy bear, to a Clydesdale horse. Each model is full of life, which makes each model worth it. The difficulty levels range from intermediate through complex. If your new to origami, this is not a book for you.

2. Origami Animal Sculpture.

Origami Animal Sculpture is chalk-full of instructions for anything from Adirondack Animals to Critters. A few of the models require a hexagon base, which is unusual, but is what they require. Again, if your new to origami, this book will have very few models that are manageable.

3. Origami from Anglefish to Zen.

Origami from Anglefish to Zen is true to it’s name. The beginning of the book is focused on zen philosophy and meeting the master; while the rest is focused on origami diagrams. It is another one based on animals, but there are also some things that I never would’ve were imaginable following the rules of origami. Most of the models

4. Origami Ooh La La.

Origami Ooh La La is filled with fun easy models that are full of liveliness, and are quite simple to fold. For the more advanced, there are models such as tessellations, models that can transform from one design to another in a few moves. Origami Ooh La La is the perfect book for any level folder, and I highly recommend it for anyone.

5. Origami Zoo.

Origami Zoo will actually make you feel like your living in a zoo, with each model. The beginning explains each of the base folds, as well as explaining terms such as inside reverse fold, crimp fold, rabbit ear, etc. Most of the models require some skill, so I don’t recommend folding this if your a beginner.

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