Welcome to RaviGami!

Goal: My goal is to teach kids of any age, and all around the world the art of origami.

I strive to teach youth the art of origami all around the world. I myself have been an origami folder since I was 4, and I’m now 14. My reason for creating this site is for school, my classmates and I had to choose a topic we were interested in, find a mentor to teach us about the topic we chose, and then create something to represent what we learned. I chose website designing. My wonderful mentor Russell Sparkman helped me, setup the site, gave tips on writing content, helped take and edit photos, and more. Without his support, I never would’ve been able to make my site.

Gallery: The gallery shows off some of my favorite that I have folded, and some classic models that deserved a mention.

Tutorials: I have provided a couple of tutorials for those interested in trying to learn a couple of simple origami models. I try to keep the difficulty at a minimum, that way new folders have as little difficulty as possible.

Shop: The shop is a way to purchase a pair of handmade earrings with a crane attached to the bottom.

No matter how many times I say “Thank You!” it will never be enough for all the support that I have been given on both setting up my site, and helping me get to number 1 on the “RaviGami” search results.

– Ravi